Department: SPA Position: Lead Therapist

Department:  SPA

Position:  Lead Therapist


Objective:  To create unique treatment experiences for our guests and maintain  SOLAYA SPA’s menu,   fresh,  innovative and dinamic.

Purpose: The Lead Therapist must have  proven technical skills, management expertise and good public relations in order to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities and to be able to enforce Spa policies in a direct, effective manner.


  • Female
  • From 25 to 40 years old
  • At least 5 years experience as therapist,  esthetician,  Lead Therapist in Hotels of similar Category.
  • Certified Therapist
  • Certified Esthetician
  • Must be able to deal with people in a professional manner under pressure.
  • Must be flexible in work scheduling.
  • Must be dependable, trustworthy and accountable
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Good level of English,  other languages greatly appreciated
  • Multitask
  • Basic knowledge of a computer keyboard,  greatly appreciated
  • Highly organized and disciplined
  • Professional Presentation


  • Perform Consultation, Skin Analysis, Esthetic Services , Body Treatments  and Verbal Communication on every client .
  • Help develop treatment menu and step-by-step movements and product application for every service on the menu.
  • Develop training manuals for staff to refer to during training.
  • Facilitate all training sessions pre and post opening, on-going spot checks of all team members in department.
  • Train other staff members in department on proper treatment technique and uniform hand movements and product application for every service.
  • Maintain proper par levels of professional and retail stock in department to be tracked and communicated to the Lead Receptionist for quarterly ordering.
  • Industry change and upgrades will need to be followed regularly to stay abreast of new services and techniques to be communicated with the team on a monthly basis.
  • Perform all services for which training has been received in the allotted period and without personal interpretation of the treatment application.
  • Maintain all treatment rooms in a sanitary condition,  supervise that all therapist follow protocol when cleaning and organizing their cabin.
  • Promote and sell retail products.
  • Keep work area neat and clean at all times, personal items should never be visible.
  • Keep work area stocked with sufficient supplies for a full day of operation.
  • Prepare the treatments for herself and fellow team members following the specific dosage directions provided by the supplier.
  • In charge of the SPA Kitechenette.
  • Do monthly evaluations of treatment protocols on SPA personnel
  • Clean equipment and common areas used after performing services.
  • Supervise that the SPA facilities are clean,  organized and kept in the best manner possible at all times,  making sure the SPAS quality standards are always followed.
  • Properly use authority within given guidelines to do anything to keep our guests happy.
  • Inform managers of ways to improve overall operation of the spa, your working experience and the comfort of our guests.
  • Assist other departments whenever necessary (and available).
  • Attend all training sessions, learning new techniques to be used in the performance of the job.
  • Perform any reasonable tasks assigned by a supervisor or manager.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Perform facials, waxing and any service listed on our spa menu
  • Report any maintenance problems throughout the spa to the proper authority.
  • Help train fellow therapists on newest techniques and treatments.
  • Stay current and educated with new treatments and products in the Spa industry.
  • Promote self as well as other Spa & Resort  affiliates and services.
  • Support fellow staff members by noticing how they are feeling and providing compassion.
  • Assist in interviewing & hiring all new therapists
  • Assist in problem-solving for all  skin care departmental issues



  • The Spa functions 13 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  All employees must realize this fact and be aware that at times it may be necessary to change an associate from their usual shift as business needs change.
  • At times due to lack of business, it may be necessary to reduce technician hours or give free days without salary benefits.
  • Services are currently offered from 9 am- 8pm with up to 8-hour shifts during this time period.  This may change based on business needs.
  • Weekend work schedules are a part of this position.








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